Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's January in my little corner of the world.....

welcome to the wonderful world of snow
in central Pennsylvania.
It's been a day of falling flakes today
but not much different than the past week.
How lovely it is to wake and see a stunning
sight outside your window - white, crisp, sharp,
fresh, even a bit nippy, but they all go together so well.
Time for snowmen (that kind of resemble dad),
snow on the nose,
neighbor's horses,
leftover Christmas baubles iced with snow,
and another birthday for Zuzu!
We'll miss it when it's gone and we are
sipping our ninth glass of iced tea, under the shade
of the chestnut, with the temperature near ninety!

1 comment:

  1. Somebody i know has been having way too much fun with her camera!

    Totally love the shot of ZUZU in the doorway with the trees beyond. Very cool image.

    And most excellent snowman!

    Can't you just tell the "blond horse" doesn't at all appreciate freezing in the snow and having a picture taken!