Monday, June 20, 2011

Spring is fading into SUMMER! Yeah.....

Well, Spring started out so nice.
There were robins making nests and
laying eggs all around the house...
in pine trees, in bushes and on the
porch on top of the rain gutter.
Babies were hatching everywhere
and keeping their Moms busy with
their never-ending hunger.
Presently, we have a cardinal,
who has made a nest in the wisteria vine
outside the garage window.
Three blue-speckled eggs are snuggled
under Mom.
The Memorial Day parade this year was
exciting as the Civil War Encampment group
participated and brought goosebumps to many.
And, what would a town parade be without our
high school marching band!
Yucky mushrooms are trying to take over
the mulch pile - but they won't succeed......
and ending Spring with Bart and the American flag can't say
anymore about how excited I am to welcome