Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wrens, robins, Zuzu and more.....

Mrs. Wren's family is coming along very well.

All five babies are growing and still squished into my clothespin bag in
the garage.

Look at them all...sleeping, heck, no - move the bag alittle and their tiny mouths
open WIDE!

Now Mrs. Robin #1 has five little babies also.

They are doing real well, also, but I must admit they are quite a bit bigger than the wrens!

Still hanging out in the tall bush outside Patrick's window. I felt so bad for them last night when we had such a terrible storm and strong winds. But Lauren reminded me that Mom probably had them covered well.

Mrs. Robin #2, just don't know about her. She's still sitting on the eggs but nothing hatching yet.

Hide and seek?

Nope...just Bart being a picture hog again!!!

Zuzu keeping the grass warm and waiting

for someone to play with.

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