Sunday, May 24, 2009

They have all gone away........

I certainly wish they would have stayed longer but onward and upward they must go...
my little wrens, that is.
They left the nest on Friday, with me being the instigator and having the first fly away.
After that, Mom Wren got the rest of them ready and off they were.

Mrs. Robin #1 has a crowded house still - the nest is overflowing.

Mrs. Robin #2 has hatched three of the four eggs.

And Mrs. Robin #3, in
the rafters of the shed, has four beauties ready to crack.

Sorry I don't have pictures but the hard drive is being updated and will return in the next day or so. Until then.....

Remember all our HEROS of present and past wars and military situations.
They all gave the ultimate sacrifice so we may continue to live in freedom in this,
the most wonderful country on earth....The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA....long may she reign.

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