Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer's Sizzling Away All Too Soon.....

Labor Day makes us all stand and look
around at how summer has graced us.
Everything from flowers to veggies
is putting on quite the show to make
sure we stop and know how good life is to all!
The basil looks and tastes great.

 Grapes are ripening so quickly.
 This one couldn't wait until October.

 Love, love, love how the sunflowers
have a life of their own going on all around them.

 What would life be without the tinyiest....
and the persistant.

 I do love my sunflowers in all colors and sizes
and so do the finches.
 However, one of the most spectacular sights to
behold in the summer is the hummingbird.
If you can hear the hum of their wings approaching
the feeder or flower, and see them hover -
just to be able to drink of the sweet nectar.
Ahhhh, what a blessing.
Even luckier to behold is seeing them wait on
a branch to catch their breath for the next trip.

Finally, a moment of peace, in the quiet night,
for a quiet man....Good Night Mr. Armstrong and Thank You!


  1. You are right about that! All too soon! Thank you for capturing bits of your garden and sharing. My garden is full of lots of sunflowers and daises too!!!

  2. Beautiful photos, capturing that hummingbird is really amazing.
    Have a wonderful day,