Sunday, June 3, 2012

My fine, feathered, family of friends

My house has been a welcome
sign for the robin and wren
who have decided to plant and raise
their young on items on or near my home.

 The robin's rain gutter downspout had three
but now we have four.

The round blue pot on the top shelf
was sitting there quietly all winter & now
it has become the home of Mrs. Wren &
her five little ones.

Yes, that's two of them waiting for mom & their lunch.

Nearby the hostas are quietly growing and spreading
to all lengths and widths of the garden path.

So glad to be in the midst of Spring!

1 comment:

  1. Oh lucky, lucky you! What joy watching these little nests and the growing chicks bring into life. I love the shot with the little open mouths OMG. How did you get them to do that for the camera.

    When our baby birds were growing, i was so concerned about disturbing them - all my shots are of them sleeping!

    Your Hostas are gorgeous!