Wednesday, September 8, 2010

9-11 Ride

In three days,
we will all remember a day
we wish never happened.
There will be sounds of silence
all over the world but none
will be more meaningful than
those in the United States of America.
In Williamsport and surrounding towns,
we will be a small part of the nationwide remembrance.
But our sounds will be LOUD and CLEAR!
For nine years, the "9-11 Ride" has taken place
along a 37 mile route in the susquehanna valley;
this year it is expected to be the largest to date.
Open to motorcycles only, the ride pays tribute
to those lost on 9-11 and those who have given their lives
for our country.
As a past participant in the ride, I can only
describe the feeling of seeing the thousands of people
along the route, with flags and other patriotic symbols,
as moving, with goosebumps, no words can express.......

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