Saturday, March 13, 2010

They're here!!!!!

Spring has sprung in Muncy!

With the warm weather the last few days,

tiny bulbs and plants have started their

uncovering from the winter blues.

I was surprised to see the plumeria

opening it's pretty pink blooms so early.

Must be in a nice, warm soil this year.

The early crocus are on the way

to showing off the their lovely

spring colors....perhaps by monday.

What would spring be without the

soft, fuzzy pussy willow!

My bushes are so full this year,

both black, yes, I said black, and

the gray - both straight and curled.

Just love to look and touch the branches

and even cut some to bring in to start in water

and also to put in arrangements.

If you don't own some, get out there now

and treat yourself to a plant or two.

Cuttings are so very east to start.

Now besides the pretty spring bushes opening,

what else reminds you that SPRING HAS SPRUNG?

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