Thursday, February 4, 2010

Four years and counting....

Yep, it's been four wonderful years since Zuzu has been a part of our family. What better way to celebrate than with cake.....cookie cake? Cookie cake with dog treats, yummy!!

I think she had a fun time taking that sneaky lick of the cookie but instead of cake she had a peanutty chew - that lasted much longer than cake!

So when I decided to take some snippings of my black pussy-willow to bring in and force (yes, I did say black pussy-willow!),
it didn't open black but deep pink - almost deep red......a sign of something? a freak of nature? is there something in my soil? water? Strange but very, very pretty to have on my windowsill. I will just keep pondering and smiling as I enjoy yet another gift from above!

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