Thursday, April 16, 2009

SpringTime in the field!

On the saturday before Easter, there was a draft horse plow demo at Sones Farm and Home Museum, just west of Muncy (on the way to the mall). It was so wonderful to see these BIG guys doing what they love to do best. They were liking it alot; you can tell this by looking at the way they had their heads up and the way they were prancing through the field with such gusto.

The ground smelled good and brought out all our thoughts of planting and new life breaking up out of the ground. It's SPRING!

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  1. Oh wow! They're gorgeous! I love first horse was a Belgian cross and I never get tired of lookking at them! Getting totally distracted by the pretty horses... =)

    I came by to thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog-I'm so flattered and it totally made my day!